We get dressed every day. That doesn't mean it's easy.


Hi there! I'm Virginia.

I'm a fashion historian who believes old clothing can help us explore a better relationship with our bodies. I offer personal styling services – with a touch of vintage flair – for people struggling with body image.


You'll never think about clothing the same way again.



Cut through the BS of what you're "supposed" to wear – establish your own unique flair.


What's working and what isn't? Get a closet full of only pieces you want to wear every day.


Because nobody likes a bad body image day, but we all have them. Let's prepare ahead of time.


Do you love vintage, but don't know where to start? Let's get these tools into your toolbox.


Unlike other online personal styling services – which leave you with plenty to wear, but nothing that feels right – I design my work around discovering a more authentic way to get dressed, in a reaffirming environment for all bodies. So you feel seen every time.


“Virginia is not only incredibly knowledgeable about how clothing reflects and molds our relationships with our bodies, but she also understands that clothes can be a way of expressing oneself outside of the ‘rules’ of fashion.”
— Former Client
“In working with Virginia, she approached my closet as a set of tools that I can use to to embrace those aspects of myself that I love most, making clothes a friend, not an enemy.”
— Former Client
“Empathy, humor, and organizational prowess.”
— Former Client



Virginia Knight is a fashion historian who believes that old clothes can help us explore better relationships with our bodies. She is deeply invested in interrogating the relationship between fashion and the body and is uniquely positioned to do so, with her extensive experience in the field of fashion history.

Virginia lived most of her life letting her issues with her body dictate how she got dressed, which made a fun and creative process pretty terrible. It wasn’t until graduate school, as she was working towards a degree in Fashion History and had spent several years in therapy, that she started to see her area of academic study and her relationship to her body as connected. Now she wants to support you in doing the same.

I want to help you get dressed!



I help people reframe their understanding of clothing and create a more authentic way to get dressed.


What are you waiting for?