Think about it: When did you learn to get dressed?

Probably a long time ago.

And you’ve picked up a lot of information since then: advice from style magazines, opinions from friends and family, and your own taste that draws you to a particular piece in a store.

This information can be helpful. But there are so many rules surrounding what we’re “supposed” to wear.

Sometimes we get stuck.

Maybe fashion “rules” are keeping you from wearing what really excites you. Or your negative feelings towards your body call all the shots when getting dressed. The entire process – from looking at your closet to putting on clothes – might leave you overwhelmed, knowing there has got to be a better way to do this.

I’ve been there.

I know how hard a seemingly simple, everyday thing like getting dressed can be – no matter where you're stuck in the process.

And that’s where I come in to help.




Identify Your Personal Style

This is the package for you if you want to cut through the BS of what you're "supposed" to wear. Together, we'll establish your personal style and identify which silhouettes, colors, themes, and elements best showcase your personality.

Refining Your Wardrobe

We'll go through your wardrobe and examine what you have in the context of your personal style and lifestyle: What works and what doesn't? The end result is a closet full of only pieces that really work for you.


Foolproof Outfits for Bad Body Days

These days happen. Doing preparation beforehand can help! We'll create 3-5 foolproof outfits – with compassion, knowing these days aren't about perfection, but meeting yourself where you are – that make you feel like yourself, even on those rough days.

Old School Style

Do you love vintage clothing, but don't know where to start? I've got you! We'll identify which eras and styles you're drawn to, determine your measurements, go over a vintage shopping 101, and more so you can start rocking those silhouettes.


Personal Shopping Also Available!

Yes, I can go shopping for you! Just give me a budget range, and I'll put together a list of 5-10 pieces that help round out your personal style.


Packages & Pricing


Package 1: $197

Initial Survey
30 - 60 minute meeting
Pick 1 of the 5 services

Package 2: $397

Initial Survey
30 - 60 minute meeting
Pick 2 of the 5 services

Package 3: $497

Initial Survey
30 - 60 minute meeting
Pick 3 of the 5 services



Want to create a custom package with even more services? Looking for something a little different? Let's figure it out together. Send an inquiry!